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Avalanche Course - ISTA Discovery

The DISCOVERY course is a one-day introduction to the ISTA (International Snow Training Academy) program. Its goal is to introduce you to the ISTA philosophy and the fundamentals of avalanche risk prevention and to make you aware of the wide range of knowledge and skills that are required to travel safely in the mountains.



 Best time:   December - April 19th

Fitness Level
Skill Level
Duration 6-7 hrs.

Group Tour

When      on request
Price CHF 320.- per person (3 - 4 pers.)
  CHF 240.- per person (5 - 6 pers.)


Private Tour

When      on request
Price CHF 800.- per tour (1 - 2 pers.)


Equipment required:

Avalanche rescue set (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe)

Rental equipment:

Item Price (CHF)
Transceiver 10.-
Avalanche Shovel 5.-
Avalanche Probe 5.-
ABS Backpack 10.-


  • Handmade wood box
  • Student book
  • Avalanche procedure card
  • Course badge
  • Member card
  • Rewards on exclusive offers