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Fletschhorn 3996m from Weissmies Hut

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The climb to the highest non- 4000 metre peak of the Alps is fun, varied and exceptionally scenic. The trail winds its way across snow and ice fields to the summit. Here the Simplon area, the summits of the Bernese Oberland and the Mischabel range are to be enjoyed in all their splendour.

 Best time:   Mai 30th - mid-October

Fitness Level
Skill Level


Tour in easy rock/ snow.

Good average athletic fitness.


Ascent 1270m in 4.5hrs
Descent 1270m in 3hrs

Group tour CHF 325 per person min./max. 3 persons (excl. the overnight stay in the hut)
Private tour CHF 810 for 1-2 persons (excl. the overnight stay in the hut)


Equipment required:

climbing harness
crampons with antibott
ice axe
hiking pole
head lamp
windproof and warm clothing
(possibly gaiters)
beanie or hat
sunglasses and sun protection

Rental equipment:

Item Price (CHF)
Climbing Harness 10.-
Crampons 10.-
Telescopic pole 5.-
Hiking boots 15.-
Ice axe 10.-  
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