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The Dom 4545m from the Dom hut

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At 4545 meters the Dom is the highest peak entirely within Switzerland and the third highest in the Alps. Summiting the highest peak in the imposing Mischabel group remains a goal for many an ambitious mountaineer. While less travelled than the other famed high peaks like the Mont Blanc and Dufourspitze the splendid feeling of being underway on one of the most beautiful snow peaks in the Alps with stunning panoramic scenery. Even though its technically not difficult, the elevation as well as the length of the trip are very demanding due to no cable car access. It is therefore advisable to prepare yourself accordingly and it is ideal to arrive 1-2 days prior to acclimatize.

 Best time:   June 22th - mid-September 2024

Fitness Level
Skill Level


Medium-difficulty glacier tour

Very good athletic fitness. Acclimatisation advantageous


Ascent 1600m in 6h
Descent 1600m in 3h


Private Tour

When      on request
Price CHF 1'500.- per tour (1 pers.)
  CHF 800.- per person (2 pers.)

Prices are exclusive hut costs.

Equipment required:

climbing harness
crampons with antibott
ice axe
hiking pole
head lamp
windproof and warm clothing
(possibly gaiters)
beanie or hat
sunglasses and sun protection

Rental equipment:

Item Price (CHF)
Climbing Harness 10.-
Crampons 10.-
Telescopic pole 5.-
Ice axe 10.-  
Hiking boots 15.-
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