Do you enjoy mountains, powder and skiing?

Do you want more freedom, pleasure and safety?

Do you care for yourself and for your friends?


If you have ever wanted to know how you can recognize the risks on deep snow runs and ski touring and how you should react in critical situations, then the ISTA courses are just the right thing for you. Here you have the possibility to strengthen your knowledge and skills, minimizing the risks but getting the most enjoyment out of your skiing or snowboarding.

5 good reasons to take our course:

  • Avalanches are not a fatality. Practitioners change, habits change – risks don’t. ISTA is the new essential approach to managing them.
  • ISTA is an international program that uses a standard universal language.
  • ISTA courses were developed by 40 experts spanning 3 continents and 9 countries, all of whom share a common passion for the mountains. All ISTA courses are supported by illustrated books available in 4 languages (EN, DE, FR, IT).
  • ISTA allows you to progress through various levels with a standardized method that is adapted to very skill level.
  • ISTA aims to foster knowledge sharing, exchange and the development of an international community. All ISTA-certified participants benefit from the ISTA rewards program and its exclusive offers on travel, equipment and tourism services.