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Departure for the adventure: With the Land Rover of Saas-Fee Guides, the powder heaven is even closer.

The most beautiful experiences are often made in the most unfamiliar places: words to live by, especially in the mountains. Saas-Fee Guides’ certified mountain guides are more than happy to show their clients stunning hidden spots, both within the Saas Valley and beyond.


Photos: Puzzle Media, Caroline Gehring & Danic Ruppen
Text: Patrick Gasser
Translation: Adam Spensley & Danielle Moore



The words "Genoa-Low" are enough to stop any impassioned Saas Valley freerider in their tracks. At the faintest whisper of something brewing over the Gulf of Genoa, powder enthusiasts are in raptures. Such weather systems may bring strong foehn winds and warm temperatures north of the Alpine ridge, but a Genoa-Low tends to bury the Southern Alps under a blanket of deep, light powder. Fresh snow accumulation of a metre or more within just twentyfour hours is not uncommon in Saas-Fee, but in turn the avalanche risk increases rapidly, especially in the high alpine terrain which makes up much of the resort. It often takes some time before the slopes can be secured against avalanches and reopened for winter sports. Downdays such as these offer the perfect opportunity for a guided snowshoe tour or a Gorge Alpine adventure.

Above: The Saas-Fee Guides’ Land Rover Defender brings guests directly to the guide’s secret spots - both in and beyond the Saas Valley.

If you dread the idea of forgoing skiing or snowboarding, or can no longer sit tight and wait for those epic deep snow turns, you should try out one of Saas-Fee Guide’s Discovery Tours. Led by a highly-trained and certified mountain guide, it’s an unbeatable day out with local knowhow and insider tips included! The Land Rover Defender, our Saas-Fee Guides’ vehicle of choice, is undoubtedly the best option for going on a ‘Ski Safari’ - whatever the conditions. As 50-year-old mountain guide and Saas-Fee native Peter Novotny notes, "the possibilities are limitless". He not only knows a myriad of options for freeriding at home, but also that "in heavy snowfall and poor visibility, those in the know can find innumerable beautiful forest runs around the Simplon area." With the Land Rover they can be reached in less than an hour from Saas-Fee. The freeride Mecca of Verbier is also worth a day trip, as is Zermatt. It's not only in Saas-Fee that a powder day can be combined with lunch in a cozy little chalet.

Above: Most untracked slopes can be reached with just a short climb.

The Saas Valley has a lot of freeride offerings. In both Saas-Grund and SaasFee, most can be reached through accessible ski areas which either entail no climb at all, or just a short ascent. "Especially in spring, the snow conditions are excellent," says expert Peter Novotny. Fronts of humid air from the south mean that in Saas-Fee you can still find the finest possible powder snow, even below the treeline, well into April and beyond.

Above: Turns in the deep snow of Saas-Fee

                                           "The possibilities are limitless." Peter Novotny, Mountain Guide

Above:  In Saas-Fee, March and April typically bring the heaviest snowfalls | Even beyond the Saas Valley, the Saas-Fee Guides have some hidden gems up their sleeves.



Curious? The highly-trained Saas-Fee Guides are happy to share their localsonly spots with clients so they can make the most of the Saas Valley - and other areas close by. Transport from Saas-Fee in the Land Rover Defender and the services of the certified mountain guide are included in the price. Any relevant lift tickets and meals are not included.


Prices start at CHF 35.- per person for a day trip.


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