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Above: The movement of glaciers forms bizarre ice towers-
like here at Längfluh, above Saas Fee.

One of the most impressive experiences offered by the mountain village of Saas-Fee is a hike amongst spectacular glacial crevasses and seracs. This glacier tour, which starts at Längfluh lift station, is easier to access than any other in the Alps.

"Since arriving in Switzerland, we’ve experienced something new every single day," says Suri, a 31-yearold from the Indian city of Pune who is travelling through Europe for a month with her husband, Liem. The newlywed couple are enjoying their honeymoon. Having seen Spain and France, they are spending a week in Switzerland, and Saas-Fee came highly recommended by relatives. Through the windows of the train from Zurich to Valais, they encountered snow for the first time ever. From the hotel window Liem later spied what he then described as "peculiar blue cliffs... I had no idea that it was glacial ice," he explains, laughing.

Above: Guests are roped together for safety as the path leads past crevasses


"A glacier tour is a great experience, whatever the season." Beat Supersaxo, Mountain Guide


Between seracs and crevasses

Two days later, the couple accompanies 67-year-old mountain guide, Beat Supersaxo, on an excursion to those very same "blue cliffs". To begin, they take the gondola from Saas-Fee up to Längfluh, travelling to 2800 metres above sea level. On their first gondola ride, the wonderment of the pair of travellers makes Beat laugh: "It's like a bubble," observes Suri. On arrival at Längfluh, Beat mounts his guests’ crampons to their hiking boots. Once safely secured with the rope, the tour begins from Längfluh station. After just a few minutes on the ski slopes you reach the Fee Glacier and from then, the glacier trek leads past towering ice columns and deep crevasses. The rope party spends about three hours negotiating the snow and ice. "I never dreamed that I would ever step foot on a glacier," says Suri. "Until two days ago we had never even been on a mountain, let alone taken a ride in a gondola. We hadn’t even seen real snow. In just half a day we have carved out memories to last our lifetime," says Liem. After a great day, Beat and the couple reflect on the day’s adventure over wine and Valais dried meat by Längfluh mountain hut’s log fire.

Above: Walking through through the mesmerising world of ice.

"A glacier tour is a great experience, whatever the season," says mountain guide Beat Supersaxo. The Spielboden and Längfluh lifts make reaching the starting points of several different glacier treks quick and easy. A tour across the glacier is readily accessible to anyone, regardless of experience. Upon request, the Saas-Fee Guides put together individual programs for their clients. If you are looking for something more challenging, you can climb up the glacier to Längfluh, for example, alongside experienced guides. Combined with an evening spent in Längfluh’s cozy mountain hut, glacier trekking is also perfect for corporate and private events.

Above:  A plate of local cheese and meat specialities | Längfluh mountain restaurant awaits guests at the end of their tour | Food and wine by the fire at Längfluh


If you are interested in a tour across the Fee Glacier, no previous experience is required. In addition to highlytrained and certified mountain guides, Saas-Fee Guides AG also provides all necessary equipment for guests. Tours last between three and five hours, depending on your preference. Warm, functional clothing and hiking boots are required. The Saas-Fee Guides are also happy to put together an individual package including a cosy mountain hut evening for companies or private events. Prices start at CHF 190.- per person