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Terms and conditions

Please note that credit card payments for Saas-Fee Guides AG are collected by TREKKSOFT AG, Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten, Switzerland (“TREKKSOFT”). Therefore, TREKKSOFT will appear as SAASFEE on your credit card statement for the payment of this booking. The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TREKKSOFT.

Please send an email to finance@trekksoft.com for all inquiries regarding your credit card payments and chargebacks.

General Conditions
Saas-Fee Guides AG arranges state-certified mountain guides, aspirant mountain guides and other certified instructors in snow and mountain sport (hereafter referred to as "guides"). Saas-Fee Guides AG organises tours and courses on behalf of the guides and carries out administrative responsibilities such as reservations, publicity and collection of payment. Saas-Fee Guides AG only arrange guides who possess a valid licence in their sport including all statutory prescribed insurances, such as liability insurance, private accident insurance etc.

Registration can be made by telephone or electronically via e-mail or with the booking form on our website. In each case these general terms and conditions are part of the contract between participants and Saas-Fee Guides AG. Registration is binding. After registration the participant receives a written or verbal confirmation with detailed information .

With the registration, the participant declares that he/she fulfils all requirements necessary for the tour/course. The physical and technical requirements and also the duration of the tour are described on our website and/or in the request quotation. If a participant is not in the required physical condition and as a result incurs additional costs for the tour, then the participant shall be liable for these costs. A minimum age of 18 is specified for participation. On request, younger participants may take part on tours/courses, but need a written declaration of consent from their legal representative. Appropriate equipment in compliance with the CE standard is required for all tours and courses.

Prices and services
The prices and services included vary according to the offer. In each case precise details can be found on the website and in the brochure.

The participants undertake to have an adequate insurance policy at registration. We also recommend taking out cancellation insurance.

Saas-Fee Guides AG is using the TrekkSoft payment gateway. In case of currency conversion fees Saas-Fee Guides cannot be prosecuted. To avoid potentially high currency conversion fees, Saas-Fee Guides AG recommend to select the option to have your card debited in Swiss Francs instead of your national currency.

Cancellation of the tour/course by the participant
The following cancellation conditions become effective for a cancellation by the participant:

The start of the tour for 2-day tours = the evening before the summit day
The start of the tour for day tours = summit day

Tour/course cancellation by Saas-Fee Guides AG or cancellation of the tour by the guide
Saas-Fee Guides AG takes the decision about cancelling the tour due to an insufficient number of participants or unfavourable weather conditions. If tours or courses lasting several days cannot be carried out as planned, Saas-Fee Guides AG or the guide respectively reserves the right to adapt the program to the prevailing conditions.

If a tour has to be broken off due to the participant's inadequate physical condition and technical skills, no refund will de made.

If a tour that has begun has to be broken off unexpectedly due to a sudden change in the weather, the costs will be be fixed according to the length of the tour carried out up to that point.

If unexpectedly, a tour with an overnight stay in a hut cannot be started due to bad weather, the participant reimburses the guide for the ascent to the hut and the overnight stay.

By booking, the participant acknowledges the dangers in the high mountains and also the accompanying risks. Even a qualified guide cannot guarantee absolute safety. His duty is to reduce the risks on tours and courses to a minimum under the given circumstances. The participant acknowledges that a natural residual risk remains for all activities in mountainous terrain.

Visual material
Our mountain guides are required to take photos and make videos of the tours and courses. When booking, the participant automatically agrees that these may be used as advertising material and in the social media. If he does not agree, he must notify this in writing before the start of the tour/course, at the latest however, when the photos/videos are being taken/made.

Data protection
Saas-Fee Guides AG uses client data for sending newsletters and advertising material. Client data is forwarded to the respective guide.

Place of Jurisdiction
Swiss courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes. Place of jurisdiction is Saas-Fee in the Canton of Valais.