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Terms and conditions

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General Terms and Conditions of Business



Dear customer,


Thank you for your interest in our activities. All our activities are subject to the following general terms and conditions. The business purpose of Saas-Fee Guides AG is to arrange mountain and glacier tours, ski and splitboard tours, bike guiding, and hiking activities.

SAAS-FEE GUIDES AG only arranges IVBV mountain guides or IVBV mountain guide candidates, as well as hiking guides, climbing guides, bike guides, or snow sports instructors with a federal certificate in the outdoor sector (hereinafter referred to as "guides"). SAAS-FEE GUIDES AG organizes tours and courses on behalf of the guides and handles administrative tasks such as reservations, advertising, and debt collection. SAAS-FEE GUIDES AG only arranges guides who possess a valid license in their sport, including all legally required insurances such as liability insurance, personal accident insurance, etc.



 1. Scope of application, service content

All services provided by Saas-Fee Guides AG are governed exclusively by the following General Terms and Conditions (GTC). Customers are required to comply with the instructions of the guides to ensure the safe execution of the tour. Failure to follow the instructions releases the guide from any responsibility for the consequences.

To ensure a successful tour experience, participants must be in good physical and mental health, and their equipment should meet the CE requirements. Additionally, a high level of fitness is advantageous when taking part in the tours offered by Saas-Fee Guides AG.

While we make every effort to plan and guide our tours correctly, we cannot guarantee that the tour goal will be achieved due to potential interruptions caused by various external factors. It's also possible that short-term changes may be made during the tour if the guide determines that the originally planned route is not sufficiently safe for certain reasons.

Saas-Fee Guides AG reserves the right to cancel or modify tours if participants fail to meet the tour requirements despite prior clarification of their knowledge and experience, as this could compromise general safety. In such cases, the customer will be responsible for covering the total cost of the booked tour.

In group events, our aim at Saas-Fee Guides AG is to ensure fairness to all participants. This assumes that all group members have an understanding and tolerance for different ability levels within the chosen tour's difficulty level. We reserve the right to exclude group participants who cannot adapt and may have a negative impact on the tour experience of others, without any entitlement to a refund.



  2. Registration

Registrations for all activities can be made through various channels, including telephone, email, our website, or in-person at our office. Upon registration, the general terms and conditions become part of the contract between participants and Saas-Fee Guides AG. Once registered, customers will receive written confirmation via email or SMS (subject to change). Shortly before the tour, customers will be informed about the feasibility of the tour and provided with details such as the meeting point/time and contact information of the guide. It is recommended that all participants obtain cancellation insurance.

Participants are required to notify us in advance of any health issues, specific dietary requirements, or any other concerns to ensure appropriate preparations and measures can be taken by the guide.

For individual and group activities, the minimum age for participation is set at 18 years. Younger participants may be allowed to join tours or courses upon request, but a written declaration of consent from their legal representative is required.

In the case of private groups, the designated group leader will enter into a contract on behalf of the entire group. By doing so, the group leader confirms that all participants have authorized them for this legal transaction and accept the general terms and conditions.



  3.Change in the customer`s person

If a customer is unable to participate in the booked activity, they have the option to transfer the booked service to another person. However, it is essential that the replacement individual possesses the necessary fitness and experience levels required for the specific activity.



  4. Liability

Despite the guide's experience and recognized training, it is important to note that they cannot provide a guarantee of 100% safety. There are inherent residual risks in outdoor activities that participants must acknowledge and accept, even with proper guidance.

Regarding errors in prices, illustrations, or texts, any claims for damages from customers are strictly excluded. In the event of such errors, Saas-Fee Guides AG will make reasonable efforts to rectify them, but no liability can be assumed for any resulting damages or claims.



 5.  Insurance

All guides from Saas-Fee Guides AG are covered by the legally required liability insurance. However, it is important to note that participants are responsible for obtaining their own private insurance, such as accident insurance. This ensures that individuals are adequately protected during the activities. Helicopter and terrestrial mountain rescue operations often involve significant costs that are typically not covered by social security agencies. To avoid participants having to bear these costs themselves, we strongly recommend taking out travel and cancellation insurance. This provides coverage in case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, it is the customer's responsibility to comply with all visa and customs regulations. If entry is refused, the customer will be responsible for covering the costs of the booked tour themselves.



 6. Indemnification

The guide will not be held responsible in cases of negligence on the part of the client. Similarly, the guides of Saas-Fee Guides AG cannot accept responsibility for accidents or damages resulting from alpine hazards, including but not limited to falling rocks, falling risks, avalanche danger, glacial crevasse falls, altitude sickness, dizziness, and fear of heights. In the event of a proven and culpable breach of contract, the guide's liability will be limited to the compensation covered by the liability insurance taken out. Saas-Fee Guides AG excludes any claims for compensation based on lost holiday enjoyment following accidents.



 7.  Prices

All tour costs with Saas-Fee Guides AG include an agency fee and VAT, in addition to the guide costs. If the tour concludes at a different location than the starting point, the prices listed on our website typically include return transport, unless otherwise specified. However, it's important to note that tour prices do not include drinks, rental equipment, and mountain railway tickets. All prices are stated in Swiss francs, and for payments in euros, the current exchange rate will be applied. Please be aware that Saas-Fee AG reserves the right to make price adjustments at any time.



 8.  Incidental expenses

Unless specifically arranged otherwise, the customer is responsible for covering all additional costs associated with the tour, including overnight stays in huts, mountain railway tickets, meals, rental equipment, accommodation, and travel expenses. Similarly, the customer is also responsible for covering the costs related to the guide, such as accommodation in huts, meals, and transportation expenses, including mountain railway fees.



  9.  Rental equipment

The person renting the equipment assumes full responsibility for it. The use of the rental equipment is at the customer's own risk. Saas-Fee AG, along with all partners and manufacturers, disclaim any liability for any damages incurred by the user of the equipment or any third parties. It is the customer's responsibility to return the rental equipment to Saas-Fee AG in its original condition. The customer will be held accountable for any damage or loss of the rental equipment. 



10.  Cancellation by the customer


Customers can inform Saas-Fee Guides AG about their withdrawal from the contract through telephone, email, or in-person at the office.

Once the confirmation SMS has been sent to the customer, the tour date cannot be changed free of charge. If the customer insists on rebooking, an additional processing fee of CHF 65 will be applied.

The following cancellation conditions apply if the participant cancels the tour:

Tour starts for 2-day tours = evening before summit day

Tour starts for day tours = day of the tour

If a guest cancels the tour due to illness or an accident, they may be eligible for a refund in the form of a voucher for the full tour price, minus a processing fee of CHF 65, upon presentation of a medical certificate.

Please note that there are cases where the customer is not entitled to a refund, including non-use of individual days for multi-day tours, premature termination of the activity by the customer, and non-appearance or delay of the customer (where additional costs incurred by Saas-Fee Guides AG will be fully borne by the customer).

For cancellations of huts booked as part of multi-day tours, please refer to the cancellation conditions of the respective accommodation. In some cases, a refund in the form of a voucher may be possible upon presentation of a doctor's certificate.

We strongly recommend that all participants consider obtaining cancellation insurance to protect themselves in unforeseen circumstances.



 11.  Cancellation by Saas-Fee Guides AG

If a tour needs to be canceled before its start due to external factors such as weather conditions, official measures, or force majeure, there will be no cancellation costs for the customer. The guide has the sole authority to decide on the feasibility of the booked tour, and if possible, Saas-Fee Guides AG will arrange an alternative date for the tour.

In the event of changes to the program due to the aforementioned reasons that the customer does not wish to accept, or if a rebooking to another activity is declined, the customer will be refunded for the payments made, excluding the services already used.

If a tour is canceled by the guide immediately after it has started due to external circumstances such as weather conditions, force majeure, or official measures, a voucher will be provided as credit. Customers are not entitled to a refund in such cases.

If, unexpectedly, a tour that has already started needs to be canceled at a later point due to a change in weather, the costs will be determined based on the length of the tour completed up to that point. The remaining amount will be credited to the customer in the form of a voucher.

In the event that a tour with an overnight stay in a hut cannot be initiated due to inclement weather, the participant will reimburse the guide for the fee covering the ascent to the hut and the overnight stay.



  12.  Tour guide short notice cancellation

If the assigned guide becomes unavailable at short notice for various reasons, Saas-Fee Guides AG will make every effort to provide a replacement guide if one is available. In such cases, the tour can proceed as planned with the replacement guide.

However, if a replacement guide is not available, the tour may need to be postponed or canceled. Saas-Fee Guides AG will work closely with the customer to find the best possible solution in such situations, taking into consideration the customer's preferences and availability of alternative options.



 13.  Customer itinerary changes

If the customer requests to change the planned tour at short notice, specifically less than 3 days before the scheduled tour, to a cheaper alternative, the customer will be responsible for covering the price difference between the original tour and the new, cheaper tour. The price adjustment will reflect the difference in cost between the two tours, and the customer will be required to pay the additional amount if the new tour is less expensive than the originally booked one.



 14.  Customer complaints

To ensure prompt resolution of any damage suffered and complaints, it is important to report them to Saas-Fee Guides AG in writing within a period of 30 calendar days. You can submit your report either by email or by post. It is crucial to adhere to this timeframe, as failure to do so may result in the expiration of all claims related to the complaint.



 15.  Visuals

During tours and courses, our guides may have the capability to capture pictures and videos that prominently feature the participants. These visuals may be used for advertising purposes and on social media platforms. By making a booking, participants automatically grant consent for the use of their images in such materials. However, if a participant does not wish to have their images used in this manner, they must inform us in writing before the commencement of the tour/course. At the latest, the participant must notify us when the pictures/videos are being taken. This ensures that their preferences regarding the use of their visuals are respected.



 16.  Data protection

Saas-Fee Guides AG respects the privacy and confidentiality of customer data. In order to provide a personalized and enhanced experience, customer data will be shared with the respective tour guide responsible for the specific booking. This enables the guide to efficiently cater to the customer's needs during the tour or course. Additionally, SAAS-FEE GUIDES AG may use customer data, with the customer's explicit consent, to send newsletters and advertising materials. This allows customers to stay informed about new offerings, updates, and promotions. However, the customer's consent is essential for such communications, and their preferences will be respected.



 17.  Animals

Please note that pets and any other animals are strictly prohibited from participating in any of our activities. This policy is in place for the safety and well-being of all participants, as well as to maintain the integrity of our tours and courses.



 18.  Scope of Application

Saas-Fee Guides AG, based in Saas-Fee, owns the rental mountain bikes and provides the service of bike rental. By entering into the rental agreement, the customer automatically agrees to the general terms and conditions and confirms that they have read and accepted the terms and conditions.



 19.  Contractual Relationships

The contracting parties entering into the contract are Saas-Fee Guides AG and the customer.



 20.  Prerequisites for Mountain Bike Rental Contract

Children and adolescents under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Alternatively, rental mountain bikes may be issued to customers under the age of 16 if they can provide a written consent form from a legal guardian. The minimum age for riding an electrically assisted bike is 16 years according to Swiss law, or 14 years with a valid moped license.



 21.  Rental Equipment Handover

By accepting the contract, the customer undertakes to return the mountain bike before the expiration of the contractually agreed rental period and during the opening hours of the bike station at the agreed return location. Any complaints by the customer must be reported to the rental provider immediately upon receiving the mountain bike. Any costs associated with late returns or incorrect return of the mountain bike are the responsibility of the customer. All rental equipment must be returned in complete and impeccable condition. Damaged or lost equipment will be charged to the customer. The renting person bears full responsibility for the rental equipment. Usage is at the customer's own risk. Saas-Fee AG, as well as all partners and manufacturers, assume no liability for any damages to the user of the equipment or third parties.



 22.  Prices

The prices published on the website of Saas-Fee Guides AG are applicable. All prices are stated in Swiss Francs. For payments in Euros, the current exchange rate will be applied. Saas-Fee AG reserves the right to make any price adjustments at any time. Discounts cannot be combined.



23.  Cancellation by the Customer

A contract cancellation by the customer can be communicated to Saas-Fee Guides AG by phone, email, or in person. The following cancellation conditions apply in case of cancellation by the customer:



 24.  Extension of Rental Period

An extension of the rental period is only possible with prior clarification and approval from the rental provider. The rental provider reserves the right to refuse an extension without providing specific reasons. The additional fee for the extension must be paid upon return of the mountain bike the latest.



 25.  Damages, Theft, and Loss

The customer is liable for any damages caused to the rental item during the rental period, including theft, vandalism, falls, manipulation, and misuse. The customer is obligated to immediately report any damage or loss cases to Saas-Fee Guides AG. In the event of damage to the rental item caused by the customer, the customer may replace it with an equivalent item or alternatively be financially responsible for the damage and any additional costs. The customer is responsible for the return transportation of the damaged rental item to the designated return location. If this is not possible, the customer must bear the additional costs. Minor damages or losses will be charged to the customer directly upon return of the mountain bike at the bike station, according to the official price list of Saas-Fee Guides AG. The customer is responsible for securing the rental items and assumes full liability for any theft or vandalism by third parties during the rental period. In such a case, the customer is responsible for the full extent of the damage. If the customer hands over the rental item to a third party, the customer is also liable for damages caused by third parties.



 26.  Accidents

All accidents involving property damage or personal injury must be reported immediately to Saas-Fee Guides AG. In addition, personal injuries, damage to third-party property, and involvement of a third party in an accident must be documented in an accident report and reported to the police. A copy of the accident report must be provided to Saas-Fee Guides AG.



 27.  Use and Prohibitions of Rental Items

During the rental period, the customer is obliged to comply with the Swiss Road Traffic Act and is responsible for any damages resulting from non-compliance. The use of rental items for racing purposes is strictly prohibited. The transportation of more than one person at a time is not allowed, and the customer is liable for any damages resulting from misuse of the mountain bikes. The customer is required to wear a helmet at all times during the tour/rental period. Responsible behaviour, and especially the proper self-assessment during challenging sections of the route, is expected from the customer. The customer is obligated to carry sufficient provisions and, if needed, medication. Saas-Fee Guides AG disclaims any liability for incidents resulting from insufficient supplies. Any allergies or health restrictions (such as bee allergies or asthma) must be communicated to the staff at the bike station prior to the start of the rental period.



 28.  Additional Insurance

Saas-Fee Guides AG offers its guests the option to purchase a cancellation insurance for a fee of 5% of the booking price. This insurance covers the contractually owed costs in the event of illness, injury, medical issues, death, or cancellation due to other reasons listed in the general insurance terms and conditions. The customer must notify Saas-Fee AG about his interest to arrange for this additional insurance upon booking. The insurance can only be purchased if the customer provides all the necessary information for the insurance application.



29.  Place of jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute arising from any matters related to our services or agreements, the exclusive jurisdiction for resolving such disputes shall be the Swiss courts. The designated place of jurisdiction is Visp, located in the canton of Valais.



 30.  Modification to the terms and conditions

Saas-Fee Guides AG retains the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) at any given time. It is important to note that the most up-to-date version of the GTC can be accessed on our official website:



31.  Supplementary clause

In the event that any provision mentioned in the contract is deemed ineffective or invalid, it is important to note that the validity of the remaining provisions is unaffected. In such a situation, both parties are committed to applying a provision that closely resembles the intent and purpose of the invalid clause to the greatest extent possible.


Rope Park T&C

Rules of use and behavior


Before using the rope-park course, participants must have read, understood, and accepted the rules of the rope park.

Acting in a manner contrary to these rules and to the signs on the site may result in participants being asked to leave the rope park.


1. Park rules

1.1. Instructions

Users must strictly adhere to the instructions given by staff and to the signs at the rope park. They must follow the instructions for using the safety equipment and for completing the course, regardless of any previous experience they may have.

1.2 Safety

Rope-park users are responsible for always attaching themselves to the safety ropes while they are completing the course. Participants must wear and use the necessary safety equipment (harness, sling, etc.) as instructed. The safety equipment must be always worn during each zone. If participants remove their safety equipment at any point (e.g., to go to the toilet and only between doing two different zones), they must have it checked by a rope-park staff member before starting the next part of the course.
Participants may only cross the obstacles between platforms one at a time.
No more than two participants may stand on a platform at any one time.

Intentionally rocking or shaking the obstacles is strictly prohibited.
Please consult the rope-park staff in case of any questions.

1.3 Personal responsibility

Participants complete the course without assistance and at their own responsibility. They should not unnecessarily place themselves or others in danger, or intentionally frighten other participants. Participants should always remain visible to rope-park staff or to another adult participant.

1.4 Intoxicating substances

It is strictly forbidden to attempt the rope-park course while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicines that impair one’s ability to react.

1.5 Waste / smoking

Participants are strictly forbidden to leave any objects or waste on the forest floor, or to eat and drink while they are completing the courses. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the site.





2. Terms and conditions of participation

2.1 Introductory course

All participants are required to complete the Introductory Course in order to familiarise themselves with the activities and safety techniques.

2.2 Maximum weight

Participants should weigh less than 110 kg.

2.3 Minimum age / height

Children’s Course: children aged 4 and above
Challenge Course: at least 1.45 m

2.4 4 to 9-year-olds

4 to 9-year-olds may only attempt the Children’s Course if they are accompanied by an active or passive adult on the course.

2.5 10 to 12-year-olds

10 to 12-year-olds may attempt all courses if they are accompanied by an adult who is completing the course with them (challenge course). One adult companion per 5 kids on the challenge course.

2.6 13 to 16-year-olds

If unaccompanied by an adult, 13- to 16-year-olds must have the written consent of a teacher, parent or guardian. They may attempt any of the courses.

2.7 Schools, youth groups

Exception to 2.6: One adult companion per 10 teenagers in the age of 13 – 16 years

2.8 Clothing and equipment

  • For safety reasons, participants are required to observe the following guidelines:
  • Participants must wear closed toe shoes with a sole with good grip.
  • Skirts and scarves are not permitted. Long hair must be tied back.
  • Any loose items (cameras, mobile phones, jewellery, wallets, etc.) must be handed to the rope-park staff (see 3.3 Liability).
  • It is not permitted to carry a bag or rucksack while completing the course
  • Participants may not use their own safety equipment (harness, belaying device, etc.).

2.9 Exclusion criteria

If participants have an illness, injury or other physical or psychological impairment that increases the likelihood that they or another participant will have an accident, they cannot be admitted to the rope-park courses. If the participant nonetheless wishes to attempt the rope-park courses, they should discuss this with the rope-park staff. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the rope park.

Participants who cause problems or who place themselves or others at risk by behaving irresponsibly may be asked to leave the rope park.