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Terms and conditions

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General Terms and Conditions of Business



Dear customer,


Thank you for your interest in our activities.

All our activities are subject to the following general terms and conditions. The business purpose of Saas-Fee Guides AG are activities and the arrangement of mountain and glacier tours, ski and split board tours, bike guiding and hiking.

SAAS-FEE GUIDES AG only arranges IVBV mountain guides or IVBV mountain guide candidates as well as hiking guides, climbing guides, bike guides or snow sports instructors with a federal certificate in the outdoor sector (hereinafter referred to as guides). SAAS-FEE GUIDES AG organizes tours and courses on behalf of the guides and takes on administrative tasks such as reservations, advertising and debt collection. SAAS-FEE GUIDES AG only arranges guides who are in possession of a valid licence in their sport, including all legally required insurances such as liability insurance, personal accident insurance, etc.


Scope of application, service content

All services of Saas-Fee Guides AG are provided exclusively based on the following GTC. Since the instructions of the guides must be followed to ensure the tour is carried out safely, the customers undertake to obey their instructions. If the customer fails to follow the instructions, the guide cannot be held responsible for any consequences.

In order to carry out the tours, the participants must be in good physical and mental health and equipment must meet CE requirements. In addition, a high level of fitness is advantageous for participation in the tours offered by Saas-Fee Guides AG.

Despite correct planning and guidance, Saas-Fee Guides AG cannot give an unconditional guarantee that the tour goal will be reached, as there may be potential interruptions due to a variety of external influences. There may also be short-term changes during the execution of the planned tour if the guide does not consider the originally planned route to be sufficiently safe for given reasons.

Saas-Fee Guides AG reserves the right not to carry out or to adapt tours if, despite prior clarification of knowledge and experience, the participants do not meet the requirements of the tour and general safety is at risk. In this case, the customer must bear the total cost of the booked tour.

Saas-Fee Guides AG aims to do justice to all participants in group events. This assumes that all group members have an understanding and tolerance for different ability levels within the difficulty level of the tour booked. Saas-Fee Guides AG reserves the right to exclude group participants who cannot fit in and negatively affect the tour experience of the other participants from the tour without any right to a refund.



Registrations for all activities can be made by telephone, email, via our website and in the office. With the registration, the general terms and conditions become part of the contract between the participants and Saas-Fee Guides AG. After registering, all customers will receive written confirmation by email or SMS (subject to change). Shortly before the tour, the customer will be informed again about the feasibility of the tour and will receive all details such as meeting point/time and contact details of the guide. It is recommended that all participants take out cancellation insurance.

The guest undertakes to notify any health problems in advance. Likewise, meal requests and general concerns must be communicated in advance so that the guide can take the necessary preparations and measures.

The minimum age for participation – group activities is set at 18 years. Younger participants can take part in the tours/courses on request, but require a written declaration of consent from their legal representative.

In the case of private groups, the person responsible for the group concludes a contract on behalf of the entire group. With the conclusion of the contract, the group leader assures that all participants have authorized him for this legal transaction and accept the general terms and conditions.


Change in the customer`s person

If a customer is prevented from participating in the booked activity, the booked service can be transferred to another person. However, they must have the required fitness and experience levels for the respective activity.



Despite experience and recognized training, the guide cannot guarantee 100% safety. Natural residual risks always remain, which all participants have to accept despite correct guidance.

In the event of errors in prices, in illustrations or in texts, claims for damages on the part of the customer are strictly excluded.



All guides from Saas-Fee Guides AG have the legally required liability insurance. Any private insurance, such as accident insurance, must be taken out by the participants themselves. Helicopter and terrestrial mountain rescue operations are often associated with very high costs and are usually not covered by social security agencies. To prevent the customer from having to bear these costs himself, we recommend taking out travel and cancellation insurance. The customer is also responsible for complying with all visa and customs regulations and must bear the costs of the booked tour himself in the event of entry being refused.



The guide will not be held responsible in case of negligence on the part of the client. Likewise, the guides of Saas-Fee Guides AG cannot accept any responsibility in the event of accidents or damage that can be attributed to alpine hazards such as falling rocks, the risk of falling, avalanche danger, glacial crevasse falls, altitude sickness, dizziness, and fear of heights. In the event of a culpable, demonstrable breach of contract, the guide is responsible for compensation within the framework of the liability insurance taken out. After accidents, Saas-Fee Guides AG excludes claims for compensation based on lost holiday enjoyment.



All Saas-Fee Guides AG tour costs include an agency fee and VAT in addition to the guide costs. If the tour ends at a different location than the starting point, the prices shown on our website include return transport, unless otherwise stated. All tour prices do not include drinks, rental equipment and mountain railway tickets. The prices are all given in Swiss francs. The current exchange rate is used for payments in euros. Saas-Fee AG reserves the right to make any price adjustments at any time.


Incidental expenses

Unless otherwise agreed, all incidental costs such as overnight stays in huts, mountain railway tickets, meals, rental equipment, accommodation, and travel are to be borne by the customer himself. Likewise, all costs for the guide such as accommodation in the hut, meals, transport costs including mountain railways are borne by the customer.


Rental equipment

The full responsibility for rental equipment lies with the person renting. Use is at the customer's own risk. Saas-Fee AG and all partners and manufacturers assume no liability for damage to users of the material or third parties. The rental material must be returned to Saas-Fee AG in its original condition. The customer is responsible for damaged or lost rental equipment.


Cancellation by the customer


If the customer withdraws from the contract, Saas-Fee Guides AG can be informed by telephone, e-mail or in the office.

After the confirmation SMS has been sent to the customer, the date of the tour can no longer be changed free of charge. If the customer nevertheless insists on a rebooking, an additional processing fee of CHF 65 will be charged.

The following cancellation conditions come into effect in the event of cancellation by the participant:

Tour starts for 2-day tours = evening before summit day

Tour starts for day tours = day of the tour

If the guest cancels the tour due to illness or an accident, the customer is entitled to a refund in the form of a voucher for the entire tour price minus a processing fee of CHF 65 upon presentation of a medical certificate.

The customer is not entitled to a refund in the following cases:


The cancellation costs for huts booked as part of multi-day tours can be found in the cancellation conditions of the respective accommodation. If necessary, a refund in the form of a voucher can be made by presenting a doctor's certificate.

It is recommended that all participants take out cancellation insurance.


Cancellation by Saas-Fee Guides AG

If a tour is canceled before the start of the tour due to external factors such as weather conditions, official measures or force majeure, there are no cancellation costs for the customer. The guide has the sole authority to decide on the feasibility of the booked tour. The decision about the feasibility lies with the guide. If possible, Saas-Fee Guides AG will organize an alternative date for the tour.

If, due to the reasons listed above, there are changes to the program that the customer does not want to accept or if a rebooking to another activity is rejected, the guest will be reimbursed for payments made less the services already used. If, due to the reasons listed above, there are changes to the program that the customer does not want to accept or if a rebooking to another activity is rejected, the guest will be reimbursed for payments made less the services already used.

If a tour is canceled by the guide immediately after the start due to external circumstances, such as weather conditions, force majeure or official measures, a credit will be given in the form of a voucher. Customers are not entitled to a refund.

If, contrary to expectations, a tour that has already started has to be canceled at a later point in time than immediately after the start due to a change in the weather, the costs will be determined according to the length of the tour carried out up to that point. The remaining amount will be credited to the customer in the form of a voucher.

If, contrary to expectations, a tour with an overnight stay in a hut cannot be started due to bad weather, the participant reimburses the guide for the fee for the ascent to the hut and the overnight stay.


Tour guide short notice cancellation

If the assigned guide is unavailable at short notice for various reasons, the tour will be carried out by a replacement guide if one is available. On the other hand, the tour must be postponed or cancelled.


Customer itinerary changes

If the customer wishes to change the planned tour at short notice (less than 3 days before the tour is to take place) to a cheaper tour, the price difference between the two tours must be borne by the customer.


Customer complaints

Damage suffered and complaints must be reported to Saas-Fee Guides AG in writing (by e-mail or by post) within a period of 30 calendar days. If this deadline is not met, all claims of the complaint expire.



Our guides may be able to take pictures and videos of the tours and courses, which can clearly show the people taking part. When booking, the participant automatically agrees to their use for advertising material and social media. If he does not agree to this, he must notify us in writing before the start of the tour/course, but at the latest when the pictures/videos are taken.


Data protection

The customer data will be passed on to the respective tour guide. SAAS-FEE GUIDES AG uses customer data to send newsletters and advertising material if the customer has given their consent.


Place of jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute, Swiss courts have exclusive jurisdiction. Place of jurisdiction is Visp in the canton of Valais.


Modification to the terms and conditions

Saas-Fee AG reserves the right to change the GTC at any time. The current version is available on our website: www.saasfeeguides.com


Supplementary clause

If one of the provisions mentioned in the contract is ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, both parties undertake to apply a provision that is as similar as possible to the invalid clause.


Bringing pets and any other animals is not allowed.