Snowshoe tours

Allalinhorn 4027m snowshoe tour

My first 4000m peak with snowshoes! The Allalin is known as one of the easier 4000m peaks in the Alps. In wintertime it offers an unforgetable adventure for experienced snowshoe hikers which aim higher! After a demanding but impressiv ascent, a breathtaking panoramic view awaits the climbers! Depending on the conditions, we will take the crampons with us to reach the peak.   + +  Demanding. Medium gradients. Prior experience in snowshoe touring required. + +  Good, basic athletic fitness.   Ascent 500m in 2.5 hrs Descent 500m in 2.0 hrs   Group tour When on request Price CHF 200 per person   Private tour When on request Price from CHF 660 (for 1-2 persons)   Equipment required: snowshoes and poles climbing harness crampons with antibott avalanche rescue set (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe) windproofed and warm clothing gloves beanie sunglasses and sun protection Equipment hire:  CHF 15 snowshoes with poles, climbing harness and avalanche rescue set

Glacier Safari - snowshoe trekking

This snowshoe tour will take you to the remote and sunny glacier world around the summit of "Hinter Allalin", far away from the busy ski area.   ++  Snowshoe tour of medium difficulty. Minimal gradient. ++  Normal athletic fitness required. Prior experience in snowshoe walking desirable.    Duration 3-4 hrs walking time 6 hrs in total Group tour Thursday and Saturday ‚Äčor on request CHF 150 per person Private tour on request CHF 650 (1-6 persons)   Equipment required: snowshoes and poles climbing harness avalanche rescue set (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe)   Equipment hire: CHF 15 for snowshoes, poles, climbing harness, avalanche rescue set

Serac glacier trekking

This impressive tour across the Fee Glacier is sure to delight. Our tour starts at the Morenia halfway station. With the help of crampons and ice axes we make our way across the glacier to Längfluh. Due to its spectacular location, Längfluh has also garnered the nickname "Sun Terrace". Surrounded by the towering peaks of the Mischabel Group, this traverse alongside towering séracs and a labyrinth of crevasses offers a view into one of this world"s natural wonders. It is every photographer' dream come true. Join us on this glacier trek and experience the fascinating world of glacier ice. A truly unique experience.   + +  Glacier trekking of medium difficulty +     Good average athletic fitness   When every Sunday and Friday or on request Duration 5 hrs     Group tour CHF 190 per person min. 4/max. 6 persons Private tour CHF 675 (1-3 persons) CHF 780 (4-6 person)   Equipment required: climbing harness ice axe crampons with antibott hiking pole windproof and warm clothing (possibly gaiters) gloves beanie or hat sunglasses and sun protection Equipment hire:  CHF 25 for climbing harness, ice axe, crampons & hiking pole